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Rubber Extrusion Microwave Vulcanization Line

Date: 2013.03.20


This equipment is mainly used for various types of car rubber hose, strengthen rubber hose, heterogeneous type rubber hose; The extrusion of various kinds of vehicles with single extrusion rubber sealing strips, double composite sealing strips, three composite sealing strips and four composite sealing strips; All kinds of small and medium-sized industrial rubber hose extrusion. Textile rollers, aprons and other extrusion. 

Structural features: 

Exhaust cold feeding extruder screw according to the flowstate of rubber narrow compressed section screw slot can be divided into general cold-row screw and shear strong cold-row screw. Screw have feeding section, compression section, throttling section, exhaust segment and extrusion section. Throttling section use screw of the same distance and depth shallow slot, can make the rubber obtain higher shearing and stable conveying process, and also improves exhaust effect.
The equipment including motor, gear box, feeding device, barrel, screw, head, temperature control device, vacuum pump, electronic control system and rack, etc. 

List of machine for the production line

Rubber cold feed extruder with one head, one chiller

High-temp forming machine

Microwave vulcanization oven

Hot-air channel

Cooling water tank

Automatic pulling machine 

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