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Open Mixing Mill

Date: 2013.02.18

Features : 

1. Tailored structure, easy to operate. 

2. There are many speeds and speed ratios available, which can satisfy most customers formula and processing requirements. 

3. Frame and base, looking very nice, are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving. 

4. Chilled alloy cast iron roll is abrasion resistant with long service life. 

5. The speed reducer is the hard-tooth surface gear reducer of Class 6 precision, which has long service life and low noise. 

6. Perfect emergency stop device can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. 

7. The seal structure with special design can eliminate the leaking phenomenon of lubricating oil. 

8. Stock pan is easy to clean up with dislodging device. 

9. Human nature designed operating system reducer labor intensity. 

10. Modular structure offers various structures for customer’s option. 

11. The flexible design system can satisfy customers, special design requirements within the shortest time. 

12. A load test running will be made to the assembled equipment in our company to save debugging for customer.

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