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Steel Pipe Wheel Blast Machine

Product Details

GYP Series Steel Pipe Wheel Blast Machinery is suitable for the surface treatment of steel pipe and related products, wiping up the oxide coating, welding slag to make the surface appear metallic sheen, increasing the surface area. It is widely applied in the industries, such as petroleum & chemical, steel, city centralized heating, centralized drainage, etc.

Main parameter:

Parameter Cleaning Size (mm) Cleaning Speed (m/min) Purposes
GYP100 Ф50-300 2-10 Outer Wall of Shot-blasting Machine
GYP 720 Ф159-720 2-6
GYP 1200 Ф219-1016 1-6
GYP 1500 Ф325-1600 1-6
GYP 2800 Ф1016-2800 1-2
GYP 100 Ф50-300 1-4 Inner Wall of Shot-blasting Machine
GYP 700 Ф325-720 1-2
GYP 1000 Ф720-1016 1-4
GYP 1500 Ф1016-1500 1-4
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