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EVA Recycling Granulation Production Line

Product Details

This EVA recycling granulation production line is designed for pelleting of rubber and plastic, bio-plastic, as well as chemical raw materials, especially applicable for high-volume palletizing.

Raw Material
EVA foam shoe sole material, TPR shoe sole material, rubber cable material, EVA interior and exterior shielding material, PVC cable material, LSOH cable material, agricultural film masterbatch, XPE foam sheet particles, high filling, high concentration of black and white materbatch, functional masterbatch, color masterbatch, sulfur materbatch, rubber masterbatch, various automobile rubber and plastic products, as well as all kinds of chemical raw mixtures.

Prilling Technology
Pressurized internal mixer - self-lifting device – open mixing mill – double-screw feeding device and extruder (double-arm type granulator) - tertiary cyclone separator - air-cooled vibrating screen – blending machine

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