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Rubber Tile Production Line

Product Details

Our rubber tile production line employs the rubber powders or particles produced from waste tire to manufacture rubber floor tile, rubber mat, etc. These finished products are extensively applied in sports ground and other places. This equipment is eco-friendly.

Main Equipment and Technology
The rubber powder and PU adhesive are proportionally-mixed. After homogeneous mixing, the mixture will be delivered into a mould and then processed by floor tile vulcanizing machine. Floor tiles or rubber mats of different specifications and styles can be achieved.

Main parameter:

Model XLB-D550x550x4
Total pressure (MN) 0.5
Plate size (mm) 550x550x45(Q235)
Daylight (mm) 150
Daylight no. 2
Piston stroke (mm) 400
Motor power (kw) 3.0
Overall dimensions (mm) 2200x900x2200
Weight (mm) 3600
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