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Rubber Vacuum Heating Press

Product Details

ZXB-200-2RT-2-PCD The vacuum heat presses to model the machine:
Suits produces each kinds of O circle, the rubber keyboard, the medical service with the rubber components and so on, rubber components, the most economical tradition, the operation is simple, takes shape fast, may choose for three molds leaving,

1. The machine structure after the computer pressure ,the strain analysis, the service life is long-time.
2. The special heating platen design, the temperature distribution is even, guarantees takes shape the quality disposable.
3. The fluctuation track organization, guarantees the sliding panel and the heating platen does not rub.
4. The high efficiency fast vacuum system, the end product lack materials, the gas-free does not soak.

Hydraulic System:
The hydraulic pressure unit and an organism body, the design are artistic, not oil leak, also may choose the proportion type.

Electrical system:
PLC matches touches the screen control, enhances the product quality stability.

Main parameter:

Specification Parameters Specification Parameters Specification Parameters
Mold-locking force 200 TON Opens the files most greatly 300mm Mold use thickness 50~150mm
Max. working pressure 210 kg/cm2 Motor power 18.3kwx2 Main engine horsepower 15HPX6P(11.2KW)
Main engine piston diameter 360mm Thermo plate dimension 505×510mm Vacuum horsepower VC-75(1.85KW/50Hz)
Max. stroke 250mm Mold frame plate size 500×500mm Fuel tank volume 700L
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