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Vulcanizing Press

Product Details

Usage :
The machine applies to vulcanizing various kinds of model rubber and plastic products as well as non-model products.

Main parameter:

Model XLB-D400x400 XLB-D500x500 XLB-D600x600
Total Pressure 0.63MN 0.63/1.0MN 1.0MN
Max Hydraulic Pressure 16Mpa 16Mpa 16Mpa
Heating Platen Size 400x400mm 500x500mm 600x600mm
Space of Heating Platen 125mm 125mm 125mm
Working layers 2 2 2
Plunger Stroke 250mm 250mm 300mm
Total Heating Power 9Kw 10.8Kw 18.9Kw
Pump Power 1.5+1.1kw 1.5+1.1kw 3+3kw
Dimension 1680x430x1500mm 1780x530x1600mm 2260x630x1800mm
Weight 1500kgs 2000kgs 3500kgs
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